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But much like the general population, most people in the gay and lesbian community did not understand that, while the prejudices were similar, the underlying issue is quite different. So when the missions were expanded, many gays and lesbians innocently continued saying that their organizations "serve the needs of all gay Americans." Many still do say this.The result is that many Americans who have heard the word transgender think it means another kind of gay.But some don't continue to be attracted to women after transition. Sandra Samons postulates that these transitioners are surprised to find that they like the way men react to them as women, enough to seek a romantic relationship with one. And while gays and lesbians have generally welcomed me, they usually don't get why more of my trans friends are not involved.So, let's imagine that you were born male and that you've undergone a transsexual transition to live as a woman.

That's because Ross is a trans woman and her fiancé didn't want other people to know."A man is able to take me to a restaurant, but he's not able to take me home to mom," Ross said.In my case, I was living as a male since birth and was attracted to females, making me considered to be straight.After I concluded my true gender was female, some were truly speechless once it clicked for them that my continued attraction to women meant I was now considered a lesbian. All you have to remember is that sexual orientation is completely different from gender identity. As a lesbian, I'm comfortable being involved with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) organizations.Matherne will also be the youngest member in the board’s history.These candidates represent not only regional voters, but the 1.4 million transgender Americans across the country.

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“For trans youth across the country, Danica Roem’s election isn’t just a headline or even history,” HRC National Press Secretary Sarah Mc Bride told “It’s hope.