Bret michaels still dating tea

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Michaels appeared to have realized his mistake as he deleted the tweet, but not before it was retweeted by another user: The photo of Michaels and Kardashian dates back to March 2011, when she climbed aboard his tour bus after the singer headlined a charity concert in Orlando. Michaels revealed that the two had a ten minute conversation, telling Us Weekly: "We talked about how she was doing. They're going to see me as both a parent and a dad and also being on the road, rocking it.''It's a great balance between my passion and love for my family and my passion and love for being on the road.

“Wait till they travel on a bus and are living in and out of a suitcase under the bay of the hotel,” he says. It’s a whole different life.” Despite enduring days without laundry or taking a shower, the winner may not end up with a ring on her finger. He’ll be headlining the Rock the Bayou Festival in Houston on Sept. Any fans hoping to discover the new Osbourne family will be sorely disappointed by Bret Michaels new reality TV show.The Poison frontman gave his fans an insight into his softer side on Life As I Know It.On Friday, the rocker, who turned 50 years old today, tweeted, "Wishing a #Happy Birthday to @Eva Longoria. " and posted a photo of himself next to someone he thought was Eva Longoria. She was very beautiful in person." We guess that means Eva Longoria should take the mixup as a compliment.The only problem was that he actually tweeted a photo of himself standing next to reality TV queen Kim Kardashian.

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And I was, like, ' Don't ever call me again.' Honestly, I was sitting there… What conversation were they having where they went from one end to me?

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