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On the Continent, such worship has taken as its object and namesake Melitele. Like Melitele, Freya is represented in three aspects - virgin, mother and old crone.That of mother is most common, and sculptors chose to depict her thus in her greatest sanctuary in the Isles.Freyja Modron, or Freya the Great Mother, is the goddess of fertility, love, beauty and abundance.She is also the patron of oracles, soothsayers and telepaths.The mysterious reappearance of the cat after so long sparked rumours that she was being used as a spy by a foreign power.Last year one Conservative source told The Telegraph: “Some of us think the Chinese got her. You'd only have to bug her to find out half the Government's secrets.” Freya shares Downing Street with Larry, David Cameron’s cat and the official Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.Reportedly Deidre caused a huge wolf to suddenly emerge from behind a house and before it could be stopped, the beast shredded Isildura's throat.The goddess Freya is only mentioned in this module, there is no mention of Freya in the main game.

A golden necklace hangs around her neck, and on it a large, pure diamond (Brisingamen) shines like a clear summer sky.

However some sources have suggested Freya is actually a more effective mouse-catcher.

The world’s largest genetic study on ancient cats has revealed that the Vikings brought the felines along on their travels.

The Osborne's and their children Luke and Liberty searched the streets for her but had no luck finding her.

Three years later Mr Osborne’s wife Frances received a phone call at their new Number 11 Downing Street home telling her Freya has been found living as a stray, and she had been traced thanks to a microchip containing their number.

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Among others, the researchers found cat remains with maternal DNA lineage dating to the 8th-11th century AD at a Viking site in northern Germany.

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