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Consolidating democracy in ghana

The top ten households control 57% of the national income. The fact that such policies are being implemented all over the world does not make them any more acceptable.We shall fight against them both here and with our fellow workers internationally.

Job Creation Trust Here in South Africa, the Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) strategy has created neither growth, employment nor redistribution.Trade Unions and the Informal Sector Congress will be presented with a challenge - how to organise workers outside the formal economy.Job Creation Strategy Labour input on the job crisis "Unemployment constitutes a national crisis," declares the Congress document on Job Creation.We demand of our partners in government that they start to take the Tripartite Alliance seriously.They must stop unilaterally imposing policies without even consulting the trade union wing of the alliance, COSATU.

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We are insisting that the Alliance use its structures to bring all three partners into the policy-making process.