How to end a casual dating relationship

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How to end a casual dating relationship

Many of us were trained to go about it in that avoidance way, or to otherwise “let him down gently.” While you should always consider if you think you might be in danger by breaking up with anyone, and seek local help accordingly, that doesn’t sound like it’s the case here, so I think you should push back on everything we’ve ever learned about breakups.I think we should start to reframe and change how we think about ending romantic relationships and how we functionally end romantic relationships.Avoid giving him a list of complaints about things he did or didn't do that were upsetting to you in the past. A “clean break” is easier when both of you have the opportunity to express feelings.Don’t promise to remain friends if you don’t really want to be.Be honest, but not in a hurtful way, about why you are ending the relationship.

Then here’s what you do: 1) Wait for them to contact you.Having some explanation about why you decided to stop dating may help him put the relationship in perspective.You don’t have to give him an involved explanation -- "My needs for a relationship have changed since we first began dating" may suffice. Give him the opportunity to share his feelings about the relationship ending, so long as he does so in a respectful way.A recent question posed on Quora echoes these concerns: when it comes to casual dating, is silence better than rejection? When you just….stop…calling (or texting) — and basically disappear off the face of the earth.The Pros: You don’t have to awkwardly tell someone that, after only two or three dates, you are quite confident you never want to see them again. The Cons: It’s definitely cowardly, it’s definitely immature, and it can leave people wondering when and where they went wrong. It is probably uncomfortable and awkward and will make you feel like a mean, bad person.

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I went out a few times with a girl, and we’re not really official.