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On Friday morning when Perry awoke, she was greeted by an artist who had spent the night working on a domino display in honor of her new album (as one does).Twitch is the veritable king of esports broadcasting, with nearly every tournament worth its salt streaming its competitions live on the platform.If Twitch doesn't make some big improvements and doesn't strike any exclusive deals of its own, the platform could quickly fall to the second tier of esports broadcasting.The Hangouts group video chat platform on Google now lets video-chatting groups of up to ten people watch live streaming videos together on You Tube.For example, Google users will be able to watch a live stream on You Tube and see which of their friends are watching that stream in a Hangout.

There is an autoban feature for Twitch broadcasters to easily stop this in chat, but it doesn't catch everything.You Tube doesn't want to take second place to Twitch, so it's forcing fans to switch over.When You Tube and ESL announced their partnership in January, the deal didn't look promising.We're going to select our friends carefully to watch live streaming video with this feature — imagine nine of your most talkative friends distracting you so much that you can't pay attention to the broadcast.Beyond that, we have a feeling this capability will go way beyond watching football games together.

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If the day a new You Tube video drops into your subscription box is almost better than your birthday and Christmas rolled into one, then you're going to want to get yourself down to Hello World next month.

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