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A few months after "Beautiful Girls" was released in 2007, a new online video service called Votigo began a cover contest in which fans could submit covers of the song for a chance to get a call from Sean Kingston.

After an online vote user Mallory Robbins won with an a cappella version of the song.

Whereas Kingston's version is about a boy who is suicidal over the failure of his relationship with a "beautiful girl", Jo Jo speaks from a girl's perspective.

"Beautiful Girls" is the debut single by reggae-influenced musician Sean Kingston from his eponymous debut; it was first released in 2007. King's classic "Stand by Me" and uses digital pitch correction technology on the vocals.

The song is about a boy who is suicidal (or rather "in denial" in the edited version) over the failure of his relationship with a "beautiful girl". Rapper Lil Mama and actors Kenny Vibert and Lil' JJ are featured in the music video directed by Marcus Raboy.

The Plain White T's, whose song was knocked out of the charts by this one, did a cover version for Yahoo Music.

Lead vocalist Tom Higgenson says that the group "started covering it as a joke almost.

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We started learning it because we were number one for a few weeks and then we got knocked out of the number one spot by Sean Kingston, by this song.