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Mad max dating my daughter

Ella questions this and he tries to avoid the question but she is persistent.He lies and says how he can get obsessed with work not completely revealing what he is actually afraid of.Later that night, Ella and Mike go for Chinese takeout.When they return the family sit down to have dinner.Aria excuses herself to go get changed out of her wet clothes. They discuss a book Aria is reading "To Kill a Mockingbird." Ella goes inside to get more food and misses the arrival of Meredith. Aria arrives and Ella introduces her but Meredith says that they already met.Ella tells Meredith that Aria is a great help and that she'll see her tomorrow.Ella began dating Zack, and later became engaged while the two were living in Austria.Ella ended her engagement when she found out from her daughter that Zack had flirted heavily with Hanna, going as far as giving her his number.

He tells her that he misses it because things can get in the way.

At the Montgomery's home, Ella and Byron are making progress on unpacking.

They discuss their adjustment back to Rosewood, and Byron reveals how nervous he is to lose the closeness he had with Aria in Iceland.

Ella is cooking dinner when Aria informs her that she won't be home for dinner that night.

Ella mentions that Mike won't be home either so she and Byron have the house to themselves.

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Ella asks why he has to work late as soon as they returned but he tells her he has a lot of catching up to do after being gone a whole year.

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