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Moldova dating scams

It's unlikely that the arrests of Mike, as well as the romance-scam gang sentenced this week, will put a big dent in phishing attacks, not to mention business email compromise, 419 or romance scams, because they offer the potential for so much profit.

The FBI estimated last year that losses since 2013 due to business email compromises totaled more than billion and involved more than 22,000 domestic and international victims.

In 2012, for example, federal prosecutors announced charges against individuals involved in a phishing ring that harvested individuals' personal details for identity theft purposes.

The fraud network engaged in "numerous internet-based fraud schemes," including tricking people into cashing counterfeit checks and money orders on the group's behalf, purchasing electronics and other goods that could be easily resold - especially on auction site - using stolen credit and debit card numbers, and taking control of online bank accounts using stolen personally identifiable information, the Justice Department says.

"As a whole, the conspiracy involved tens of millions of dollars in intended losses." Ayelotan, Mewase and Raheem recruited U.

Part of the alleged fraud involved attackers using the stolen credentials to log into the site of payroll processor ADP and add fake employees onto companies' books.

"As part of the scheme, more than 0,000 in fraudulent payroll was wired to defendant Olaniyi Jones, a Nigerian national who impersonated a European woman interested in romantic relationships to dupe mules into wiring the proceeds of the scheme overseas," according to the Justice Department.

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S.-based individuals to further their fraud via "romance scams," prosecutors say.

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