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A spokesman for Lancashire POlice said: “A joint investigation is currently on-going between Lancashire Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police following an allegation made to police on June 14, 2011 by a victim of a sexual offence who has been contacted through a social networking site therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.” A Facebook spokesman said it was investigating the message.

He said: “It is a breach of Facebook's terms to attempt to use Facebook as a convicted sex offender and Facebook works aggressively to remove profiles that are reported to it.” The spokesman advised that in the UK, the details of registered sex offenders are not shared with online service providers as they are in the USA, which makes it more difficult to enforce.

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“The worrying thing is how many other victims are they both trying to get at in this way?

” His mother said: “These people are very clever in what they do.

“I want answers from the police on what they’re doing about these two men working together to target innocent victims all over again.” The Facebook message reads: “From Colin Barlow, June 11, at .

"A friend of mine is trying to get in contact with you, Alf Farley.

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