Sorority speed dating

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Interestingly, the woman in cosplay who had been at the table when I signed up was among them.

I later learned that they usually have up to three times as many men sign up as women, which is why they let women sign up for free.

If not enough women register then the event can’t go on, because the men would spend most of the dating period sitting in silence waiting for the women to rotate around.

So they padded the numbers when necessary so that they could make money and so that “people can find love.” Some of the most interesting people I met were: an older woman dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter with whom I bonded over the quality of her corset, a very nervous looking girl who told me she was the sister of the eager guy and who kept repeating that she hoped she did not “match” with him, and a cool-eyed girl who was treating this whole experience as an adventure.

It turns out we had more in common than either of us initially guessed, and we are still close now several months later.

There were two people at the Super Sonic Speed Dating table when I arrived to sign up, a man in streets clothes and a woman cosplaying D. They informed me that there would be several different sessions available throughout the weekend with half of them designated straight and half of them LGBTQ.

As for me and the cool-eyed girl: we liked each other.

We met for coffee the following day, and ended up spending most of the weekend together.

The idea is that everyone can get a sense for who the other person is, to decide if they want to meet again at another time.

I wasn’t expecting to actually meet someone, but it sounded fun.

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We were then each given a number, a piece of paper, and a pen, and they told us the rules: we had two minutes to chat before they rang a gong and the women would rotate.

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