Updating ad from sharepoint

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Updating ad from sharepoint

Step 7: Further verify in Share Point that the users “stamped footprint” (user display name in user information list) has been updated to reflect the change in Step 1 by navigating to an object “modified or created” by the user.Available in Share Point Online Creating, updating, or deleting list items through the client object model works similarly to performing these tasks through the server object model.Immediately debate rises on where the accurate information is stored, if it is at all! But it also usually also brings up issues that the data is often stored in multiple locations and owned by different parts of the business.So a mad panic occurs to export this data and import it into AD!In most Organisations that I have installed Active Directory and most others I have heard about are not in “ship shape”.This may have gone unnoticed because typically Active Directory is only exposed in the Enterprise in the Outlook Global Address Lookup (GAL), which is usually not promoted if the data is incorrect.

Enter Share Point, and the wonderful User Profiles that are then populated with all the inaccurate or unpopulated data from AD!

This has a series of user controls on it that bind directly to the User Profile Properties.

The page can be accessed not only directly, pulling the authentication details of the log in user to get the context of User Profile for the form…also using a query string to pass through the Guid of the User Profile to grab context also.

So Share Point has the great ability to let Users update their own User Profile Property data if the Organisation choses to allow it on a property by property basis.

This is great, but the big clanger is that when you update this…it only updates the User Profile and does not go and update AD!

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It doesn’t stop there…because the Organisation’s CEO and CIO have been mightily impressed by the Microsoft Pre-Sales team who demoed “People Search” and want this to be the “first cab of the rank” (god I hate those over-used terms! People Search exposes all this data from AD directly in Share Point in the results page and in even more detail on the individual User Profile Pages.

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