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These include 16x16 BMP, ICO, GIF, and JPEG images.

You just need to encode them into ASCII text using base64 encoding.

If a second attempt is made to download a button from the same URL, the toolbar will offer only to replace the old one, not add a new one.When clicked on, a search button can perform any of the following tasks: Custom Buttons).If your button does search, the title should be unique to all your search custom button title, as it also functions as that button name in the Google Toolbar search box.A button can also have a drop-down menu with individual items with text or icons.Each menu item can have its own dynamic URL to launch when clicked on. RSS feeds use the The protocol for getting these update feeds is either Atom 1.0, Atom 0.3, RSS 2.0, or RSS 1.0. To update the icon on the toolbar, or its tooltip description, from a feed, you need to add a toolbar-specific extension to RSS or ATOM using a namespace.

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The best looking icons are those that are made using 24 bits of color (RGB) and 8 bits of alpha, and saved as XP-style RGBA icons.

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