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When you compare the cost of installing stone veneer over a brick surface instead of replacing the brick, you will find that the cost of using a veneer is much less expensive.When considering your veneer options it’s important to know that there are four basic categories to consider: You will have a variety of other options in addition to what is listed above.The 2017 winner for residential buildings was awarded to the House Au Yeung in Sydney, which featured an extension to a post-war bungalow using Shorthorn Mix by Bowral Bricks.“This sensitive yet quirky house design uses brick in unexpected ways, elevating it from the conventional to something that is quite special.Many brick manufacturers have display walls showcasing the bricks they sell, which provides you with an opportunity to view the bricks on a larger scale.This helps to get a clearer idea of the ‘look’ and whether the bricks will suit your home and or renovation.

They say “nothing lasts forever”, but brick facades come close.Modern brick facades give you a world of design possibilities beyond the 1950s brick homes we all remember.They can add stunning finishes to your home with clean, sleek lines or interesting textures and designs that suit a variety of architectural styles.Braen Supply has been working with homeowners and contractors on stone veneer projects for more than a decade.We’re happy to talk with you about your upcoming project and to answer any questions you may have.

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This will keep any water from getting behind the veneer.

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