Updating old mustang suspension

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Updating old mustang suspension

That's nearly 41 percent depreciation, and that's before you consider the cost of the modifications we added. This signaled a reminder in the car that another service was needed.Thankfully, the Mustang only requires an inspection, tire rotation and oil and filter change at the 20,000-mile service, so I hoped we could get in and out of the shop in just a few hours.The windows of useable acceleration in first and second are tiny, such that it seems you spend more time engaging and disengaging the gear than actually using it for acceleration. by Carlos Lago, Road Test Editor on January 22, 2016 I may have logged the most miles in our Dodge Viper, driving it across the country and all, but I've spent the most nights with our 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Our fleet has a few of these, but only the Mustang meets the obscure Venn diagram of things I look for.For example, our Viper is loud, but it doesn't sound good. The Mustang does both, and this sound adds to the overall character.The four-cylinder turbocharged Eco Boost version has a starting price of ,820, up 5, and the GT with the 5-liter V-8 starts at ,820. you know that we're huge fans of Ford's latest-generation pony car.

In particular, Ford is banishing the turn signals from Mustang's hood vents.

It'll be leaving just as things were getting fun with the suspension and exhaust upgrades. by Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor on February 5, 2016 I was skeptical. by Travis Langness, Social Media Editor on February 1, 2016 Our long-term 2015 Ford Mustang GT needs an oil change. It chimed in to tell me so the last seven times I started the car.

When the idea of modifying our long-term 2015 Ford Mustang GT originally came up, I figured the Ford Racing suspension would wreck its ride/handling balance and that the short-throw shifter would suck. But instead of a photo of the gauge cluster, I thought I'd show you a pretty shot of the Mustang hanging out in the mountains, lookin' all purdy and stuff. by Carlos Lago, Road Test Editor on January 28, 2016 A few years ago I was driving a Ford Escape on the freeway.

Put some new wheels on the SRT8 and move it closer to the ground.

Our M235i is cool, but put an exhaust on it and drop it, then suddenly you've got an infinitely cooler BMW.

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